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19 Photos that will make you want to visit Jordan

When I told my then boss that I was planning a trip to Egypt his response was, “If you’re going to Egypt, go to Jordan.” He showed me 3 photos (Petra, the Wadi Rum desert and the Dead sea) from his time there. I was sold!

So here are 19 photos from my week long visit to Jordan. I hope that they have a similar effect on you. And YES, it’s very safe!

  1. The City of Amman

    Amman Jordan
    City Streets of Amman

  2. King Abdullah Mosque, Amman

    King Abdullah Mosque Jordan
    Also known as The Blue Mosque

  3. Ajloun CastleAjloun Castle Jordan

  4. Ajloun Castle

    Ajloun Castle
    Every girl loves a castle.

  5. The ruins of the Citadel of Amman

    The Citadel of Amman
    P.S. I love the contrast in this photo of the present city against the ruins of the Citadel.

  6. Umayyad Palace, Citaldel of Amman

    Umayyad Palace
    Umayyad Palace

  7. The Dead Sea

    It’s disappearing.. where I’m standing used to be the shore!

  8. The Dead Sea

    The Dead Sea
    A salt covered log on the shore of the Dead Sea

  9. The world’s smallest hotel, Al Shobak

    World's Smallest Hotel, Al Shobak Jordan
    Complete with WIFI…. I’m serious!

  10. Al Shobak Castle

    Who doesn’t love running around in old crusader castles

  11. The Nymphaeum, Ancient City of Jerash

    A Nymphaeum is a really fancy fountain

  12. The North Theatre, Jerash

    north theatre
    The tiny person on stage is my sister making her debut

  13. More Jerash…. but you can certainly see why….

    The Temple of Artemis

  14. View the promise land, Mt. Nebo

    Mt Nebo
    Where Moses saw the Promise Land

  15. Petra

    The Treasury

  16. Petra

    1000 stairs later, the Monastery

  17. Wadi Rum

    A Bedouin and his camel

  18. Wadi Rum

    The result when the photographer doesn’t want to move around so that I can “hold the sun”

  19. The food

    jordan food
    I love Hummus

It was really hard to narrow it down, but there you have it, 19 photos that will make you want to visit Jordan.

Jerash was my favourite historical site! Have you been to Jordan, if so what are your favourites? If not, after these photos do you want to?




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65 thoughts on “19 Photos that will make you want to visit Jordan

  1. Wow Savita

    These are very great pictures. Did you take your own pictures? The architecture of these buildings is extraordinary. I can only imagine how much more awe inspiring they are in person. Thank you for sharing. I truly enjoyed it.

    1. Hi Ruby, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Yes, all photos were taken by me, except the one where I’m trying to hold the sun, that was my sister. Be sure to visit again, hopefully you find more adventures that you enjoy.

  2. Love the pics. Love the pics with the contrast of the old and the new. Alot of people think “oh it’s just a desert”. The ruins are fantastic.

    My fav is the one with the mosque. In this album it shows the context behind the old and the ancient.

    1. Hi Vidzz, I’m so pleased that you loved the pics. Choosing a few was like trying to fit a camel through they eye of a needle. The sunset in the desert was beautiful, this is desert was also made famous by Lawrence of Arabia by the way. But, you are right, this country was so much more than a desert, there’s so much history behind the ruins. For example, Jerash has moving pillars that were designed to withstand huge earth quakes and musical rocks that sound like steel pan. #amazing

  3. I like Petra. Indiana Jones movies filmed there. The Petra by night walk was also awesome. For food. The best dates I ever tasted. I really like your sun photo

    1. Jordan is actually home to several films, almost all hollywood movies about Mars was filmed in the Wadi Rum desert and also Transformers in Petra. I agree with you on the food, I think they have the best hummus. I’ll pass the compliment on that photo on to the photographer 🙂

  4. WOW! What a coincidence! My neighbor who is from Jordan, was just telling me how beautiful it is and suggested that I visit because he lives there 4 months out of the year. And here I came across your post. He made it sound so nice of course, but your photos speak louder than his words… I’m so much more curious now to visit Jordan. Awesome… looks like you loved the trip.

    1. Thanks for kind words. I never thought about it, until I was shown those 3 photos. Apart from all the ruins, there are several biblical sites, it’s pretty cool! Your neighbour is a lucky guy to be living there 4 months a year. I would love to have the opportunity to live there for a few months!

  5. Wow, I loved the photos. I bet the views in person are even more beautiful but the photos are well done. It really does make me want to visit this wonderful place. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Hi Savita! I just had a quick overview over your site and I loved the places you made review on. Recently I lived in middle-east and I love the people in there. Looking forward to see more posts from you.

    Keep up the good work!

  7. As soon as I get my business up and running I will take a holiday to Jordan. Great photos and great work and the website altogether.

  8. Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing!
    I love traveling but had to cut on my travel since I’ve had my babies. But, as soon as they are older, we’ll go traveling together and hopefully visit Jordan – one of the places that is on my wishlist!

    1. Hi Alenka,
      Thanks for your kind words. I met a family on my last trip, travelling with 4 kids all under the age of 5. I was super duper impressed, staying in hostels and all. The youngest wasn’t even a year old! Hope that you make it soon!

  9. Wow, Jordan looks like an amazingly beautiful country. I love to travel but have never visited Jordan before. After seeing these lovely photos I will definitely be putting it on my list of places to visit.
    I love hummus too and love to try different foods when I’m visiting other countries.
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos

    1. Hi Michael,
      It is an amazing country. All the food in Jordan was great for me… and i’m a fussy eater. I honestly couldn’t get enough hummus and that bread!

  10. I’d love to one day visit Jordan. Any ancient place has such a majestic vibe to it. To think the people from stories and events of old have actually walked these areas is such a cool thought to me. However, your site is perfect because when I travel it’s….where’s the food!!! I love trying new food in different places and to know what authentic food tastes like versus the sometimes altered ones we get in the States.

    1. Hi Bruce,
      I totally agree… You have to stand in awe in these places… Jordan is quite biblical, the river where Jesus was baptized etc. The food in Jordan is amazing! I’m a fussy eater, but there wasn’t anything that I didn’t enjoy.

  11. Hi Savita, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this blog …you have sparked my desire to travel more!!! Your pics a absolutely beautiful and I am inspired by you. BTW what camera did you use?

    1. Hi Vania,
      Thank you! You have a very beautiful name btw. I’m glad that the photos inspired you. Where are you planning to go? Oh, most of these pics were taken with a sony Hx60, one or 2 with a samsung s7.
      Hope you visit again!

  12. Awesome snaps Savita. I had no clue the Dead Sea evaporated at such a lightning fast pace. Crazy. Definitely adding to my travel list though as Jordan has much to offer.


    1. Hi Ryan,
      Thank you! I myself was shocked, over the last 10 years, the dead sea receded quickly. The resort was once beach front but as you can see from the photo, it’s now a long way down. Be sure to visit!

  13. Absolutely gorgeous Savita! It’s funny how you turned 3 pics from your boss into 19 breathtaking shots of your own. The dead sea picture is really eye catching! What an amazing and spiritual journey that must have been for you! Did you stay in the car!??

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      Lol! I know I’d never even thought about Jordan before he showed me the pics…. Hehe no i didn’t sleep in the car… but I actually did open the door and sit inside, there’s a full sized mattress in there, it’s pretty cozy.

  14. AMAZING!!! I was on a deployment to Egypt which was amazing as well! While I was there I was able to go to Cairo. While in Cairo I was able to see a lot of the city including the Pyramids and the Sphinx. I was also able to go to Eilat, Isreal, which was also amazing. But I didn’t get the chance to go to Jordan.🙁 So seeing all these pictures they totally make me remember all the goods times and beautiful places in Egypt and Isreal!!!

  15. I just loved these photos… I’ve never been to Jordan, but my brother-in-law lives in Egypt (never been there either).

    Where did you stay when you were there? Hotel, BnB?

    1. Oh, Egypt is also great, you should definitely try to visit. In Jordan i stayed in small boutique hotels, there are many options for all budgets. I even camped one night in the Wadi rum Desert, but the camp site had facilities, shower, bathroom, dining area. I also camped in Egypt.. in a tent 🙂

  16. I also loved the pics. I would love to see Petra and Mt. Nebo.
    Dispensational Bible believers think the Jews will run to Petra for safety from the antichrist. As an amilennialist, I don’t see that. But I’m still intrigued with it.
    O, and the Dead Sea. I had a friend swim, actually float in it. He said because of the high concentration of minerals it was normal to do so.
    So why do that think it’s receding and being dead, what purpose does it serve the locals?

    1. Thanks CT! That is correct, you can basically recline in the dead sea while floating. It’s receding because of the temperatures in the Middle East. For locals, i would assume it’s a source of income from tourism and many beauty and body products are made from the minerals. Other than that, I think it’s just a body of water, nothing can survive in it because of it’s salt content.

  17. Love Mt. Nebo, that is so cool seeing where Moses saw the promised land. I too think that the contrast between the ruins and present day cities are really cool to look at. Hope you have been enjoying your trip!

  18. Ok, you are right! I now officially added Jordan to my bucket list. I love exploring history, castles, ruins, all of it. I definitely want to see the Temple of Artemis, the Dead Sea, and really all of it. How long did you stay there in order to see all of these wonderful things?

  19. I love your site and this post. I always wanted to see Jordan, but I was always taken to another place. Now that I’ve seen these pictures, old wishes have come back … Jordan will certainly be on my list of “the next 5 countries to visit”

  20. This article was great. Now that I’m thinking to go to Jordan, I know some places I can go to. Thanks and keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Vidsee,
      I didn’t stay at the hotel, didn’t even know it existed, our guide actually stopped there along the way to the castle to show us. I did sit inside it, there’s a full bed in there!

  21. Wow.. Jordan is definitely on my travel list, especially a trip to Petra to see the ancient historic sites, and renact a Indiana Jones moment haha! Great photos and you do travel to such exotic locations!

  22. Great pics Savita! This certainly brought back memories from when I visited Jordan last year. Wadi Rum and Petra were my favorites! The taxis in Amman were, let just say, not on my wishlist!
    Wonderful country overall and I think you’ve done a great job of covering everything. Great website by the way!

  23. That is so beautiful!
    I always wanted to visit Egypt but had a certain prejudgment to the culture itself. And now I regret a lot that I did not go there where I had a chance.
    Your photos are amazing and provide with a great overview of what to expect in Jordan!
    Petra is amazing and it has a very rich history!
    Thank you for sharing your travel experience and I hope to visit Jordan very soon!

    1. It’s actually a great time to visit these countries, it isn’t as crowded. I recommend Egypt as well, you can check out my blog posts about Egypt also. It’s astounding what these ancient civilizations accomplished with such little tools.
      I know you will have a great time in Jordan!

  24. I want to go Jordan next year
    I’m am from india. I am a travel agent we give the package to our customers shimla and manali. Shimla and manali is one of the beautiful place in india

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