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TOP 5 Reasons to Visit Milan – Renting an Apartment for Few Days

Everything is in union. All types of world fairs are held in Milan. Milan has Food Week, Design Week, Fashion Week, The Art Week, Museum, Innovation, Digital Week … all in a nutshell. We never get bored here. Of course, everything is always in motion, but when we stop we do it in front of a nice dish of pasta and good wine

Milano is the perfect blend of modern and history .. provides an idea everywhere, positive or important, but always an impact, a sensation, arises… it makes it unique.

Rent an apartment to leave the city completely. A beautiful apartment in a charming neighborhood doubles the travel experience and the joy of living in the city.

Take Milan as a landing (or departure) city to travel to Italy. Spend a few days of your Italian holiday to get to know this city. When you come back home and think of Italy, Milan will make a difference. Obviously, Tuscany, Umbria, Venice, Rome are unique and featured Italian destinations .. but you wouldn’t expect it from Milan. This is why this metropolis may be the best “bridge” for other destinations.

A succession of different cultures stratified and put in favor, making Milan one of the most interesting places in Italy. A European metropolis with various sectors serving as driving forces for the European economy, the city is a true national reference point.

To book a trip for 1 million rupees meet – shop and design

If you love Kothi, shopping in Milan is a quintessential experience. One of the global fashion capitals, Milan ranges from top-notch designer stores, boutiques and outlets to uber-expensive ones, being very affordable, while still having the quality and elegance that Italian fashion is renowned for.

There is no shortage of the biggest masons and fashion atteliers in Milan. Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Prada, Fergamo, Valentino, Max Mara .. all here .. The clothes and accessories are probably not for everyone, but also look at the windows to recognize the style and appreciate art May be sufficient for. .

Roads such as Via della Spiga or Montanapolin, located inside the Milan fashion district, are a must-see destination for the city.

In recent years, many outlet malls of major brands have sprung up outside Milan (such as those mentioned above), but are easily reached by well-organized buses, such as Serravel Designer Outlet Mall, Scollo Milano and more. If you want to live a great fashion experience then we can suggest Fashion Tours Milan

If you prefer a “lighter shopping” through Torino, Corso Buenos Aires, Corso Vittorio Emanuel, then countless fashion shops are on offer.

Milan Design Week is the most important event for the world

The Milan Fair District hosts the exhibition, but the success of the event is the countless collateral initiatives that transform the city into museums and open-air design galleries. Demonstrations, meetings, congresses, events, culinary events, colors and spots all cities.

Products and Italian innovation, art, eccentricity, functionality, creativity, Celon del Mobile in Milan is a platform that marks the history of design and furnishings of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Visiting Milan during Design Week and Furislon is something incredible.

2ND Ralen Book a Journey to Milan – Attractions, Arts and Culture

Milan is reborn after Expo 2015.It is committed to enhancing every excellence, every form of art and culture. The calendar of exhibitions at Milan’s museums presents countless artists and events for all tastes.

Museum del Novecento, Palazzo Reale, La Pinacoteca de Brera, Senacolo Vinciano .. Scientific museums such as the Planetarium, Museo della Scenza alla Bella Technica, Museo Civico Storia Natural .. There are no museums. Alla Scala, Picoco Teatro Strysler, Archimboldi, Manzoni Theater, National Theater, Siak and more.

The most famous and influential monuments are certainly the Duomo Cathedral, the SĂ©forza palace and its Sempione Park, Santa Maria del Grazi, the last feast of Leonardo da Vinci, the entire part of the Brere district, the mansion of Milan (always designed by Leonardo). Are with … If you want to see something new, of course we suggest going to Piazza Gaia Aulanti, Porta Nuova district with its Unicredit Tower.

REASON to book a trip to 3RD Mason – Amazing Food, Good Wine and APERITIFS

Wherever you go you will find bars and restaurants where you can experience fantastic food and good wine.

Milan is an open city. You will find Tretorius and restaurants that serve you typical Italian cuisine, made with traditional and original products of their region. Fresh food, tastes good. Famous chefs started from here .. Milan is very much in demand in terms of food and for this reason you will get anything that can satisfy you.


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