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Kerala has always been attractive to travelers from all over the world. One of the most visited attractions in Kerala is the district of Idukki, which has lush green beauty with high-grade splendor and forested valleys. Much of the beauty of Idukki is indebted to the three main rivers that tie these regions together – Periyar, Thalaiyar, and Thodupuzhayar and their tributaries.Thekkady

As a tourist destination, Idukki has an array of activities including hill-stations, tranquil dams, diverse wildlife sanctuaries and energetic spice planting tours, adventurous hill treks and elephant rides. Talking about natural beauty, this small part is truly blessed. The large population of tribals that we can populate is a testament against the resilience of the land and the urbanization of its people.

One of the most visited places Know About Thekkady

One of the most visited places in Idukki is Thakkadi, which also enjoys the status of being India’s largest wildlife sanctuary. At a distance of 257 km from Trivandrum and 145 km from Cochin International Airport, Thekkady can be reached from Tamil Nadu to Madurai City and 114 km from the airport. The destination is 114 km from Kottayam railway station. Located near the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border town of Kumily, Thekkady offers spectacular views of dense evergreen, semi-evergreen, and moist deciduous forests as well as stunning savanna grasslands. Elephant herds, sambar deer, tigers, gaurs, lion-tailed macaques, and the Nilgiri langurs are but some of its most famous inhabitants. Thekkady is the dream of any nature lover who comes to visit Kerala.

Thekkady is also the only tiger reserve in Kerala and home to rich treasures of tropical flora and fauna. These thick wood hold some precious value within themselves, which is the unheard of nature, the unfiltered, wild beauty with its rich biodiversity which includes many endangered species as well as a valuable tribal culture where humans and nature live together . The pleasant haven of Thekkady is also considered a paradise for organic herbs and spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg and cloves. Thekadi is an expression of nature in all its untouched, other forms, and wild beauty.

Every year around five hundred people visit Thekkady and they contribute significantly to the economy of the state. Some of Thekkady’s most widely enjoyed entertainment include:

Elephant ride – where children and adults can go for a short elephant ride near the Turbal Nature Park, after contacting the Wildlife Information Center near the boat landing.

Boating – Boats of various capacities made by KTDC and Kerala Forest Department can be hired for a 2-hour cruise, which is the easiest and most encouraging option for wildlife viewing.

All these have turned Thekkady into a tourist center throughout the year, necessitating the emergence of many hotels, resorts and other accommodation facilities. Currently, Thekkady Periyar has a lot of hotels and resorts for the increasing number of tourists. From budget 2 star to luxurious 5 star classified resorts and hotels, Thekkady offers world class accommodation to the visiting guests. In recent years, so many homestays and farm stays have also come into existence in Thekkady, aiming for the complete sanctuary that guests want in a homely environment.

Earlier most of the resorts and hotels were located

Earlier most of the resorts and hotels were located on the town of Kumily and Thekkady boat landing route. It has now spread over a 15-kilometer radius of the city. On KK road just before reaching Kumily town from Kottayam, we can see a lot of resorts. Known resorts such as Forest Canopy Resort, Kofi Land Resort, and Greenwoods Resort are located on KK Road. Major resorts including Cardamom County, Spice Village, Mitchell’s Inn, and the Abad Green Forest are on their way to get off the boat. These are just a few examples. Many more accommodating facilities can be seen around these parts. On the way to Munnar, we can stay at a lot of resorts and farms. Most of the resorts in Thekkady are eco-friendly and very pleasing to the mind. They make a quiet, quiet escape from the noise of day-to-day life.

Some hotels also offer Ayurveda treatment centers and spa services, with a guarantee of overall well-being of their customers. The green nature and serene climate surrounding these areas ensures an ideal condition for Ayurveda treatments. It is an ideal remedy for healing both body and soul. No one can resist the relaxed embrace of a calm and wild nature while they are here, and cannot help relieve the tension of the mind.

While visiting Thekkady, most tourists are opting for a one-night stay, which is not encouraged. This is because at least three days are required for an in-depth exploration of the beauty of Periyar / Thekkady. Tourists can visit the farm for trekking.


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