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North Point & Animal Flower Cave, Barbados

North Point aptly named because it’s the most northern point of the island of Barbados. It contains stunning views of the Atlantic ocean against a rugged coastline. Barbados has an area of 167 square miles which makes North point is easily accessible from anywhere on the island. I went by car, but you can easily catch the bus from Speightstown to the end of Cave Gap and walk the rest of the way to the look out area. The cliffs at North Point are comprised of many blow holes and underground caves, so whilst exploring be mindful of your step.

One of the caves, Animal Flower Cave is actually available for entry. It’s named after Animal flowers (sea anemones ) that were most present when the cave was discovered in the 1700s. At present, the sea anemones are not as plentiful. Inside the caves you’ll also find some coloured rock formations, pools that are deep enough to swim or splash around and exquisite views of the ocean crashing upon the cliffs through the natural rock windows.

My first trip there, my friend and I ended up at a sign pointing to “a nice view” instead of the popular lookout point. The sign didn’t lie, it really was a nice view. We weren’t far off though, the lookout point could be seen in the distance. When we got to the cave, the guide mentioned (as he chuckled) that no one was allowed into the cave without a guide. The legend suggests that this is because a couple once went in and only the guy came back. On a serious note, entry into the cave is dependent on weather and sea conditions. Massive ocean swells sometimes lead to flooded the chambers and rejuvenated the swimming pools. Be sure to take your camera, I think it’s absolutely impossible to take a bad photo here!


When I’m not being a beach bum, North Point is one of my favourite spots in Barbados. Tell me, what’s your favourite?


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8 thoughts on “North Point & Animal Flower Cave, Barbados

  1. Oh this is such a lovely article. It makes me want to join you. And I love the pictures. I have not yet been to this lovely place, it is on my list! The pictures are beautiful. What are you going to write about next?
    In peace and gratitude, ariel

  2. Hey Savita, as an avid adventurist and traveler, this site is perfect for me. Barbados? Yes please. Where can I sign up to go here.

    Oh wait, I have to wait until I get some money before I can travel 🙂

    When you were standing beside that cave, it looked like it goes down pretty deep – that’s impressive! Very scary as well however. I am in love with those pictures you took and you seem to have a great personality as well based on that smile of yours – but who wouldn’t smile in such a beautiful place?

    Great post and I look forward to reading more!! Happy holidays 🙂

    1. Hi Michael! Thank you for your wonderful feedback! Barbados is only a plane ride away… and I can totally relate to the money thing but there are options for every budget! The Cave’s window is low enough for Ocean swells to get into it. So yep, you need to take a ladder to climb a couple feet down. Check out my latest post on Barbados, for much more activities.


  3. It looks marvelous, can’t wait to take my wife on vacation to Barbados. It will be an absolute get away, and have a chance to explore the wonders of nature.

    Thanks Savita,

  4. Hi Savita
    A very good article. This place must be most beautiful place on Island. A rare combination of See and cave together. I guess sea condition must be quite rough there and not suitable for swimming.

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