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Some Unique Adventure Holiday Destinations In India And The World

Today there is a growing trend that is seeing more and more people and taking time out of their busy lives and opts for an adventure trip. While this is a great way to reconnect with nature, the adrenaline rush that people feel in such trips is enough to lure them into going on such trips again and again. In fact, there are many benefits, mental, physical and even spiritual, associated with going on adventure trips. These provide substantial incentives:Adventure Holiday Destinations In India And The World.

Adventure Holiday Destinations In India And The World?

• Discover a great way to challenge your limits and successfully overcome deficiencies, apprehensions and other inbuilt assumptions,

• Strengthen and renew yourself and come back with new ideas and a clear mind,

Receiving incredible memories and unique experiences that can be talked about and trusted over and over again,

Feeling a true sense of freedom that is both heavy and potent.

In fact today, more and more tour operators are traveling to places that are as yet unexplainable and almost virgin in their beauty. Some places in India that deserve a mention and which have all the ingredients to be some of the best adventure holidays:

 Bir-Billing in Himachal Pradesh:

Providing sufficient subject matter for a portrait depicting the rolling plains and hills of the region, makes it one of the best paragliding destinations worldwide.


Desert sand dunes, picturesque forts, breathtaking panorama of breathtaking sunrise and sunset and much more can be experienced in the adventurous journey taken in this beautiful state. In fact the state is becoming famous for providing some of the best hot air balloon rides one can ever hope to experience.


Nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, this place offers many examples of adventure and is actually rated as the top adventure destination in India. From river rafting to cliff jumping, rock climbing to rappelling, camping, and more, this place has it all. In fact, this is the only place in India where adventure enthusiasts can experience real hard-core bungee jumping.


Scenic beauties and the opportunity to purify your soul in innumerable monasteries, make Ladakh one of the best trekking grounds in India. Freezing temperatures, life-giving experiences and the much awaited enthusiasts who opt for Ladakh adventure tourism.


For those wishing to experience the thrill of extreme mountain climbing Kanchenjunga, it is the most thrilling, death-defying and extremely beautiful trek one can ever hope to experience.

Not just in India, even off-beat exotic locations are becoming famous for the many adventure opportunities they offer. Some of the best adventure holidays around the world can be experienced:

Lewis Lake in Banff Canada:

This lake is surrounded by 6 glaciers which in itself offer an amazing view for the people riding in the gondola at a distance of 6850 feet. But the place becomes a place for ice skating during the winter, when it freezes and magically transforms into a natural rink.

Moab in Utah:

The great clay canes on the banks of the Colorado River ensure that the ‘Old Wild West’ here is kept very much alive. A truly diverse topography presents some of the best known challenges for mountain bikers and marathon runners. Slick rock biking is the biggest attraction of this place.

Cayman Islands:

Presenting great water activities such as snorkeling, deep sea diving, etc., Cayman Islands exist for a captivating and ever changing aquatic feast for adventure seekers. Really so dynamic is its natural underwater beauty that one can never visit this place.

Rio de Janeiro:

Experience hang gliding like anywhere else in this diversely beautiful and picturesque city of Brazil. With Christ the Redeemer being tall, the city is one of the best opportunities for adventure tourism.

Queenstown in New Zealand:

This place is very famous for adventure sports. From bungee jumping to rafting, mountain biking, paragliding, sky diving, river boarding and more.

There are many other places which exist in the world and also in India. There is so much to explore, so much to see, so much to experience and so many destinations that adventure sports lovers are absolutely spoiled for choice when traveling.


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