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My Stay at Le Grand Almandier

Turtle nesting season in Trinidad and Tobago runs from March 1st to August 31st each year. Trinidad and Tobago is also home to one of the largest leatherback turtle nesting sites in the world, Grand Riviere. It’s about a 3 hour drive from the capital city of Port-of-Spain, but in all my years at home, I’d never been there. My sister was visiting from abroad, so we decided to go turtle watching in Grand Riviere with our mother and aunt. Turtle watching is a night time activity, so rather than do a long drive back at night we looked for places to stay in Grand Riviere. The decision was pretty last minute but after some checks on availability, we chose Le Grand Almandier for our stay.

The property has rooms that can accommodate up to six persons, but we opted for two of the smaller rooms, which gave us an extra bathroom. Breakfast was included and there were good options both international and local. Le Grand Almandier has a pretty nice restaurant and is willing to cater for any dietary restrictions. This family of chicken eaters ate only at the restaurant during our stay and everything was pretty good. They serve a really delicious and rich chocolate cake. I don’t have a photo because it’d didn’t last long enough to be photographed (confessions of a chocoholic)…sorry. There are other dining options available in the area; a restaurant at the neighbouring hotel and a there’s small food shed located in the carpark of the turtle watching visitor’s centre which opens late at night only. Mobile data coverage isn’t great in this area as it’s a bit remote but there’s free Wi-Fi in the lobby area.

Le Grand Alamander
The Restaurant
Le Grand Alamander
Breakfast…bread was made in house.

The hotel is on the beachfront which made getting to and from the beach for turtle viewing easier. This was a major selling point for us because the older folk in my group have limited mobility. Our rooms faced the ocean and each had a small balcony. If there’s enough light, you are able to see turtles on the beach without leaving your room. The hotel also has a viewing gallery, so if your room doesn’t have a balcony you don’t miss out. Le Grand Almandier is also located obliquely opposite to the Grand Riviere Visitor’s Centre, where you make arrangements for a tour guide and beach permits with ease. There is also a river about a 2-minute walk from the hotel and canoe rentals are available nearby.

Grand Riviere
The beach
Grand Riviere
The beach

Overall our stay was great. Staff were generally helpful. Before going on to the beach, we were advised that sea conditions at this time of year was good for bathing and about the large dips in the sand left by the turtles. They even suggested some hiking options to nearby trails.

Leatherback Turtle at dawn returning to the sea

Since the drive up is pretty long, I recommend making a few stops along the way to admire the views. It’s also a good idea to pack a lunch and take a short detour to the Toco lighthouse. It’s quite scenic and a nice place to sit and have a meal.

The Toco Lighthouse
The Toco Lighthouse
Toco Lighthouse
The trail at Toco lighthouse
The Toco Lighthouse
The View

Price Range $$$

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22 thoughts on “My Stay at Le Grand Almandier

  1. Nice review of this awesome destination. I think the Leatherback turtles are some of the largest turtles in the world. I think but you could prove me wrong. How is the overall cost of a week long trip with the basic amenities? Overall Trinidad and Topaga looks like a great place to visit as I really love the ocean. Well written and informative and great visuals!

    1. Oh David, they are the largest turtles in the world 🙂 The room was around 100USD a night for 2 persons, but it varies on time of year and sometimes the hotel has specials. You can check the links in my post that will take you to a booking site. If you have the time, you should definitely come on down to TT. You’ll have a wonderful time between both islands.

  2. Hi, Trinidad and Tobago are a beautiful island, I live in the Caribbean also and I can say there are a lot of beautiful beaches here and exciting hotel with delicious dishes you must try. It’s very interesting and peacefully to watch those turtles make their way to the water for the first time.

  3. Trinidad and Tobago looks beautiful! And this hotel looks great too – thanks for all the pictures of the place. It’s so nice that it’s right on the beach.

    The cake sounds delish 😀

  4. This was a very enjoyable review. The pictures are really beautiful and they describe the scenery very well.
    Wish I could travel to beautiful locations like that.

  5. Thank you for your review about this hotel in this destination. The photos look amazing. However, its price is kinda expensive, may be for me. Aren’t there cheaper options?

  6. Hi Savita,
    I enjoyed reading your article. This place looks very interesting and would be in my bucket list for the next year. Very nice pics pictures. Thanks for the useful information.


    1. Hi Jyoti. I’m glad that you enjoyed the post. Be sure to check out the post on turtle watching. You definitely don’t want to miss that if you stay at this hotel!

  7. Really good review Savita! You have given me an in depth image of what I could experience at “La Grand Almandier” in Trinidad and Tobago. I am also glad you enjoyed your time there, (And enjoyed the chocolate cake I didn’t get to see 🙂 ). Thanks for the knowledge.

  8. What a wonderful place, I love turtles and I really would like to see one one day.
    The food looks yummy… Nice pics! Thanks for sharing this post ^_^


  9. Wow it seems like a pretty amazing island to spend vacations. It’s definitely on my list. I would like to see those turtles from up close. Tell me, do they speak French there, as the name conveys?

  10. This is a great review that covers everything from distance, restaurants, accommodation, to what to explore in Trinidad & Tobago (the nature is so beautiful there!). I have never been to South Africa and so this post really helps give me an idea of what to see over there. Thank you for great information!

  11. Such a charming place to stay! And we get to see turtles too!

    It has been a while since I had a beach vacation. Looking at your nice photos, I am reminded of the times in the past I had enjoyed holidaying and having fun on the beach. Now, I long for a beach vacation again.

    And the hotel. This place. Looks so inviting! The rooms are good. The food looks great! The scenery – fantastic! Sold! 🙂

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