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Pacsafe products: How I guard against theft whilst travelling

All travellers, at some point consider what security features are important when purchasing travel gear. We all want to protect our things from theft. Stolen items whilst travelling can put a real damper on your trip. I had some items stolen on a recent trip to Panama, so I know how it feels.

After doing some research I came across a couple brands, but one generally stood out to me based on style, functionality and durability. The Pacsafe brand does a brilliant job with its offering of anti-theft travel accessories. These Pacsafe products command a higher price than the other brands but in my opinion it’s worth the peace of mind.

Pacsafe products technology features

Carrysafe Slashguard Straps: There are steel wires running through the straps of the bag deterring slash and run theft.

Exomesh Slashguard: Mesh wire made of steel embedded in the fabric panels of the bag, secures your items in the event of attempted slash and run theft.

RFID Blocking: The Pacsafe brand protects your personal data from identity theft. There’s usually an RFID protected pocket or panel to store your passport, credit cards and other items that contain RFID microchips.

TurnNLock Security hooks: These products come with smart hooks that detach so you can attach your bag to a stationary object like a chair or railing. The hook also has a special locking feature, which is a deterrent for any bad snatcher.

Smart Zipper Security: All zippers on the exterior of the bag come can be attached to security hooks for additional protection against pick pockets.

I recently added these 3 items to my travel gear and here’s why.

Pacsafe Citysafe LS200 Anti-Theft Handbag

Dimensions :9.4 x 14.6 x 3.9 inches
Type: Messenger/Crossbody bag
Capacity: 12 L

At home, I don’t carry anything larger than a wristlet because I don’t enjoy carrying handbags. On trips however, I tend to need a bit more things handy. This bag is a good messenger style day bag. It’s large enough to carry the essentials and then some (not the kitchen sink). I was able to fit a camera and a lens or two plus there’s an outer pocket for a bottle of water or small umbrella, space for a snack, your wallet, a tablet or small laptop and other small items like toiletries.

The slash proof features were a major selling point for me because having my bag cut and stolen is something I’m a little paranoid about when travelling. The Pacsafe Citysafe LS200 has a turn and lock hooks on one end of the shoulder strap, so you can secure it through a chair or around a table’s leg while you’re stationary.

There’s also a very hidden pocket on the interior. It’s so hidden that it took me a while to notice it. I think this is a good feature in case someone finds the time to go snooping around your bag.

The smart locked zippers aren’t easily undone, and they give me a warm and fuzzy feeling of added security on the inside.

On a rainy day with my bag… I did pack an umbrella but clearly I wasn’t using it much.

Overall, I can only find one downside to this product; it can get a bit cumbersome to unlock and relock everything when you want to get in and out of your bag.

Check the price and get it now!

Pacsafe Slingsafe 75 GII Anti-Theft Sling Purse & Hip Pouch

Dimensions: 4.3 x 8.3 x 2 inches
Type: Crossbody bag/Hip pouch
Capacity: 0.75 L

For the times when you don’t want the kitchen sink, this one is perfect. I’ve started using this one almost daily at home instead of only when ii travel. Cell phone, cash, cards, passport and a few other small items like lip balm or room keys can fit comfortably. The fabric is water resistant and the adjustable strap is detachable on both ends so it can be converted to a hip purse. This feature came in handy on my last trip, on days that I went jogging I wore it around my hips.

Out and about with my little bag

The negatives on this bag the TurnNLock clips are sometimes stiff and sticks a bit. Also, if you’ve got a lot of keys like a dungeon master, this small bag is not the bag for you.

Get your Pacsafe Slingsafe 75 GII Anti-Theft Sling Purse & Hip Pouch​ now!

Pacsafe Carrysafe 100 GII Anti-theft camera strap

Length: Adjustable 30 – 44.5 inches

I got this for my Sony Alpha a6300 camera. The entire strap is slash proof except for the adjustable strap that attaches to the camera. This strap doesn’t remain exposed those, there’s a cover that you slide over it, so it’s concealed. This strap also comes with TurnNLock features and very comfortable neck padding. The original Sony camera strap was heavily branded, which I hated, so the Pacsafe strap was a nice switch with discreet labels. The strap is a bit bulky which can make your camera’s bag a bit cramped.

Shop now and protect your camera!


While no anti-theft solution offers 100 % protection, Pacsafe products do help safeguard your valuables. It’s not going to stop an armed robbery but, I do personally think it’s worth the extra investment for the more probable threats of pickpockets or slash and run. I’ll probably be adding a Pacsafe carry on backpack to my travel gear suite soon.

How do you protect your valuables on trips?


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27 thoughts on “Pacsafe products: How I guard against theft whilst travelling

  1. Thanx for such a great review of anti-theft bags. I will be travelling oversees soon I think I will have to use the Pacsafe Citysafe LS 200 anti-theft bag. This can help in my protection for my items. What would you suggest for protecting a big suitcase or any bag you may recommend for that is anti-theft.

    1. Hi Thabo, You can probably check out this suitecase https://amzn.to/2M62dHr or for a large bag they also make a net that you can secure to a post to throw over your things. They also carry a range of backpacks if you are interested.
      My personal choice would be Pacsafe Toursafe AT29 Anti-Theft Wheeled Luggage.

  2. Very interesting sorry to hear about your Panama trip. It sounds like the Pacsafe bag is the way to go for all the travel security needs. I normally take a gym bag with just shower gear.

    A few years back I had elderly gentlemen mistake my bag for his. He did it twice with two different bags.

    I would have loved to had that Pacsafe lock where you can lock it up bag to a chair or railing.

    Do they make a gym bag?


    1. Hi Carl,
      They certainly make bags that you can take to the gym, they have a couple of duffel bags and totes. Some of the duffels are designed to hold 45L which is actually quite large. The totes are smaller so it really depends on how much space you need.

  3. Hello Sativa, this was a great post. Theft has always been a major issue in the world, and I apologize for what has happened to you. I plan to do some traveling very soon, and I would love to have Pacsafe in my possession. Thanks again, and continue to do what you do!!

  4. Great products for keeping your items safe while travelling. I’ve not had any theft during my travels, but it helps to be prepared, especially when you’re already juggling with trying to get directions and find your way around etc. It’s also so important to just be vigilant and aware of all your surroundings in these beautiful but sometimes unfamiliar places.

    1. YESSSS!!! Well said, you’re so taken by the beauty of some places, it’s easy to lose yourself and by extension your things when your guard unintentionally comes down.

  5. Pacsafe products seem to be a reasonable way of safeguarding your valuables. Modern and innovative bag locks effectively block thefts.RFID protected panels are nowadays almost a necessity because of microchip stealing. In addition to travel insurances all those safety products, or anti-theft products are decreasing the unpleasant surprises and shivers during traveling.

  6. Pretty good advice. I never think about protecting myself when I’m traveling (but I’m always on the look out hehe). The anti theft camera theft seems quite handy. I might get me one of those. Cheers!

  7. Thanks for sharing this article Savita! When we travel, we are very cautious about our personal belongings.. having this kind of a bag will at least give us a confidence that we`re safe.

  8. Thanks for the good information and recommendations for traveling. My daughter and her boyfriend are going to Ireland this year. I’m gonna send her the link to your article so she can see how she can protect herself. They were going to get a hip pouch anyway so this might work for them and they might see something else that will work. Great post, Savita!

  9. Very useful information

    I’m am from india. I am a travel agent we give the package to our customers shimla and manali. Shimla and manali is one of the beautiful place in india

  10. Greta tips, Savita. Thank you for sharing.
    As everybody, I’m also concerned about the safety when travelling, I have a question as I can see you have purchased a Packsafe CitySafe bag. How safe is the shoulder strap? Can be cut it while wearing the bag?

    1. Hi Dany, that’s actually one of the reasons that i got this one, the straps can’t be cut by conventional methods at least.. maybe with an electric saw lol. The straps are made with slash proof material. There’s stainless steel running through it.

  11. As a guy I don’t carry a purse so I personally don’t have to worry about this, but I have friends who are girls that do carry them and have to worry about this. It’s really unfortunate that things like this happen, but this is actually a really unique idea. I could definitely see this coming in handy if you’re traveling somewhere like a foreign country or something where to don’t know where you are. Awesome article though, I’ll have to tell them about this.

    1. Great to hear from you. They make other variations, backpacks, camera bags, luggage etc. The main reason I bought them was for travel and the anti slash features were the main seller. Feel free to share the post!

  12. Hello Savita,

    Thank you for the useful information, I already tried the RFID Blocking Bags back in Milan, to be honest, some places need a lot more than that to be protected from professional thieves.

    I was wondering if you already tried any Smart Wallet? I’m looking to some models but can’t see any genuine brand yet.


    1. Hi,
      I totally agree, all the features in the world won’t help against a professional. However, when you’re travelling, it’s really the simple things we do when we let our guard down, like setting your bag on a chair while dining outdoors, I’ve had friends who were pickpocketed while at train stations in Europe. I mainly bought these for the slash proof features and the locking straps. I haven’t tried a smart wallet as yet, i think it’s still early for them.

      1. Thank you for your answer Savita, I had the same thoughts regarding “smart wallets”, if you already thinking in Europe you can get pickpocketed, try African and Asian countries (not all of them ofcourse) but you’ll need to double check every time you move or sit in a coffeeshop.

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