Health On The Go The Golden Rules Of Every Traveler

My dear Health On The Go The Golden Rules Of Every Traveler, today I have for you a very important and necessary entry about health and our safety during the journey. Many factors contribute to a successful journey, and one of the most important is knowledge and awareness of situations (although they do not need to be preventive!) We find in different corners of the earth. Discovering new, often unfamiliar places is fantastic, but somewhere in this Eurofia, an ambush, going crazy to take pictures of the latter’s landscapes and try the next exotic cuisine, of a rational approach to handling oneself There should be a place for

If one feels that he is untouchable and is on vacation or on a dream trip only the beautiful circumstances occur in the film, he is unfortunately mistaken. Regardless of what the purpose of our journey is and its nature, taking care of health should be number one in all activities. During the holiday period, the frequency of visits increases, but this trend is slowly changing and trips appear throughout the year. And more and more often these are remote, tropical and culturally isolated places. This means that – especially in a new place – we must be well prepared for all possible situations, so that we can enjoy the journey easily.

The quality of life and cleanliness in Europe is very high, and we use it and often we do not know how many aspects we need to pay attention to while living in another country, especially one that is less developed. Is, one is various bacterial flora or diseases which do not occur in our country.

The Go The Golden Rules Of Every Traveler

Let us also dispel the myth that with short trips, such as in Europe, we can raise our hands for proper preparation. It does not matter whether we are going to Croatia for a week or a month trip to Amazon. The principles of care apply everywhere for health, safety and widely understood travel prophylaxis.
Not to scare you, but to share with you my travel experience and what I have often known about health. However, the most important fact is that most dangerous conditions and diseases can be easily avoided by following the basic principles of PREVENTION, that is, prevention in advance.

Remember that vaccination has a basis before departure, but vaccination alone protects us from infection, so our main goal is to prevent any disease from becoming infected. And for this we have certain safety rules in everyday functioning.Health On The Go The Golden Rules Of Every Traveler

That is why today I am in a hurry and I am collecting the most important rules for you that we travelers should know and apply. Because we agree, there is nothing worse than being sick on the road.

In the first place, we must remember about water. It is the contaminated water and the food prepared on it that are among the most common causes of a traveler’s illness. Especially when it comes to poorly developed countries, which are a frequent destination of foreign travel. Diseases that are infected with infected water, for example, travelers’ diarrhea, typhoid fever, type A jaundice or cholera (so vaccination is definitely recommended for these diseases, as opposed to appearances, they are not rare).

The easiest way to treat water is to cook it, as it kills all pathogenic bacteria, viruses and parasites. If it is not possible to boil water (such as during survival campaigns), it is worthwhile to obtain chemical treatment agents containing iodine, chlorine or silver compounds or modern microfiltering filters (portable point-of-use).

You need reminder

1. Drink bottled water only

(With a closure protected with foil that is not used in Poland) or canned. Even in restaurants, order water in a bottle, not in a jug or directly in a glass that will be served.
Warning! In India, I met with cases that water sold in street kiosks was poured from wells into plastic bottles, and then melted the cork with a lighter to make it pre-bottled (!). There is a patent for this: Always squeeze the bottle firmly with water, if there is no fire in the cork, it means that the bottle was locked in the factory and you can boldly drink it.

2. Avoid ice drinks from unknown sources

Just like you remember about bottled water, but how hot it is, man does not notice that tap water can also be found in our juices or drinks. Observing the source of water used seems like a miracle, so I use a simple rule – I never drink ice-cold drinks in the tropics. Trust me, it can be experienced, and if the problem of thinking will be good water to make sure, the hand disappears.Health On The Go The Golden Rules Of Every Traveler

3. Wash fruits and vegetables with bottled or boiled water
Remember – the same principle as using ice – washing food with tap water or a well is no different to drinking it, because bacteria and viruses will just live on food. Even after washing, always take them out. You can also burn the skin with boiling water, which will kill germs.

4. Avoid foods that are not cooked enough

high temper.


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