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Jamie Russo, Vice President of Loyalty Programs and Customer Engagement, Choice Hotels Choice Privilege As programs navigate the “new normal” for travel, Jamie Russo, Vice President of Loyalty Programs at Choice Hotels, shares her thoughts on the future of hotel loyalty programs.

Here is what he says travelers can expect going forward and what their programs are doing to remain relevant during the slowdown in the Choice Privilege, covid-19 trip.

The coronavirus epidemic has led to extraordinary times for travel and economy. Does this change the value proposition of loyalty programs for travelers?

We believe that points-based programs will persist among consumers, as when points offer valuable rewards such as gift cards and free stays, they inspire people to book with a specific company.

This will be particularly important for loyalty programs to provide members with greater flexibility and practical rewards.

Now, we think it is more important than ever to listen to members and invest in benefits that provide comfort and choice to those who are now unsure about travel, while encouraging those on the road Continue selecting the choice.

Choice Privilege gave the current elite status members a free boost at next level this year.

Choice Hotel
Due to travel restrictions, many brands are extending status and perks for members. Choice Privilege took an extra step. Tell us about him.

We have automatically raised the status to all members by the end of 2021. In addition, Choice is the first, and currently the only, hotel company to offer status upgrades to all elite members, rather than just status.

Those who had already achieved Gold and Platinum status by 20 May 2020 automatically received an upgrade to the next membership level. This means that Gold members were upgraded to Platinum status, and Platinum members were upgraded to Diamond. Additionally, advanced members who stay for at least five nights between June 1 and December 31 of this year can maintain this enhanced status until December 31, 2021.

Upgraded members who stay less than five nights until December 31, 2020 will return to their original positions before the upgrade, and will retain it as part of the free status extension until December 31, 2021.

How do you forecast the travel scenario for the coming year?

According to the American Travel Association, more than two-thirds of Americans say they give up traveling or cannot wait to get out, and more than half as a vacation holiday or one of their major planned purchases They travel when their life becomes normal.

Research shows that as the journey resumes and growth begins, people will start taking shorter trips, closer to home; Many also want to spend time outside. Many people are trying to make the most of their travel budget, which is why we are giving 20-25% off to Choice Privilege members.

The decision to return to the trip is a personal one, and we will continue to encourage our guests to do what they want to do for their personal situations. On choice, we hope our new commitment to clean initiative will help travelers add peace of mind when they stay with us.

We also want to support the members of Choice Privilege who prefer to stay at home. A recent promotion offered a 10% discount on all gift card redemption, allowing members to use the points for essential items such as groceries or restaurant items. To take advantage of this program, tens of thousands of people redeemed their talk at home. Now more than ever, loyalty programs should provide members with various options to capitalize on their rewards.

Do you offer a position matching program?

Yes, we offer the status match program for elite members of other programs, who earn prizes at around 6,000 hotels in Choice. With 97% of Choice Hotels opening and operating, we hope that our position matching program will help us enter the set set for members of some of these other programs, which still have a large number of properties closed.

Choice Privilege has an exclusive agreement with Preferred Hotels & Resorts, which many people may not know. Will this type of luxury brand continue to be a partnership?

This feature remains popular with members, as it allows them to cash out Choice Privilege points for a free night at a property in favorite hotels and resorts. Not only do we plan to continue the agreement with preferred hotels and resorts, but we have also expanded our luxury options through a new partnership. Members now have access to over 50 all-inclusive resorts in Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America, where they can earn and redeem Choice Privilege points. We have recently launched Golf by Choice, which allows members to go across the country.

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