Can You Still Sign Up For Global Entry? Here’s The Latest

Often international travelers are familiar with global entry. This air travel security clearance helps you dodge long lines when you return to the United States. But the coronavirus epidemic is making it difficult to Can You Still Sign Up For Global Entry? Here’s The Latest and end the interview process.

Here is the latest description of what the global entry application process looks like. While the program is not closing, you may have to wait until air traffic is implemented.

NEWARK, NJ – AUGUST 24: An officer with US Customs and Border Protection makes a new demonstration … [+] Kiosk processing at Newark International Airport on August 24, 2009 in Newark, New Jersey. US Customs and Border Protection officials are launching the Global Entry Program, which allows pre-screening and approval of passengers through customs and passport lines upon arrival in the United States. (Photo by Chris Hondros / Getty Images)

Global Entry Application Deadline

You can still apply online for global entry and will need to schedule an in-interview. Applicants must visit an enrollment center or U.S.Sign Up For Global Entry

However, the global entry enrollment centers are temporarily closed. The good news is that conditionally accepted applications can interview with a customs agent on return flights.

Ideally, you will receive conditional approval when applying online for global entry. Conditional approval is valuable under normal travel conditions, but is more important during an epidemic because it is the only way to schedule an individual’s interview. You have 485 days to complete your interview after receiving conditional approval during an epidemic.

The application fee for Global Entry is $ 100. When you are ready for the interview, you can give time for your application

Temporary enrollment center closure

The most convenient option may be to visit a nearby enrollment center to get a global entry before traveling abroad. Most US states have a center with which you can schedule an appointment. If you do not seek conditional approval for your application then going to the enrollment center may be your only option.

If you’re hoping to use the possibility of industry-wide travel to avoid long application lines for global entry, think again.

The US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) enrollment centers have closed since at least July 6, 2020. This closure affects the following reliable passenger schedules:

Sign Up For Global Entry
Customs may extend the closure ending June 1, 2020. The enrollment center first came into force on March 20, 2020.

Once the centers open, you will want to schedule an interview as soon as possible. The waiting period at some centers was several months before the trip stopped. You may need to consider going to a more distant center if it means that you can get one soon (a perfect road trip opportunity in the states).

The determination of the global entry application process is more comprehensive than the TSA PreCheck. It is still possible to get a TSA precheck interview but the program leaves you with TSA security lines at check-in.

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Nomination is still available upon arrival

If CBP has pre-approved your application, it is still possible to obtain a global entry. You can complete your interview on re-entry with the Enrollment on Arrival (EOA) program. Once again, this is the only way to get an interview until the enrollment centers reopen.

Select international terminals enrollment on arrival. Some of the 60 participating terminals in the United States include New York-JFK, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston International and Los Angeles International.

You must follow the prompts to reach an agent. The agent completes your entry inspection as well as your global entry interview.

To complete the interview, you need to submit these documents:

Valid passport (bring all copies if you have multiple passports)

Proof of current residence (ie, current drivers license, utility bill, mortgage details). Minors are not required to provide this document.

Permanent Resident Card (if applicable)

Bringing multiple passports (if you have one), you can attach these numbers to your Global Entry Profile. This can make it easier to pass through global entry checkpoints instead of waiting in a standard security line.

New York residents cannot obtain global entry

Even before the temporary enrollment center closes, New York State residents cannot apply for or renew Global Entry. This is still the case.

According to CBP, New York state law “restricts access to records and other important vetting information.” This ban is effective from 6 February 2020.

Global entry end extension

To renew your global entry status is not easy at all. Enrollment centers are not open and there are relatively fewer international flights that lead to fewer airport visits. Due to these circumstances, US Customs is temporarily extending the grace period to complete your interview when renewing Global Entry.

Your additional global entry benefits are valid for 18 months. But, you must apply to renew your membership before your expiration date. All Global Entry memberships remain active for five years.

Get global entry for free

Many travel credit cards with global entry benefits reimburse your $ 100 application fee. If you plan to connect with domestic flights, these cards waive the $ 85 fee for TSA PreCheck.

Here are some great cards that make it easy to earn and reduce travel points. Premium cards offer some air and hotel benefits that frequent travelers can enjoy.

Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card

The Capital One Venture Rewards credit card earns 2 miles in $ 1 spent on each purchase. You earn $ 5 per 1 dollar when booking hotels and rental cars using Capital One Travel. Your points are redeemable for travel statement credit, booking future travel and point transfers to airlines and hotels.

The card has a budget-friendly annual fee of $ 0 for the first year and then $ 95 for each renewal. New members can earn a registration bonus of 50,000 points ($ 500 value) by spending $ 3,000 in the first 3 months.

Chase Sapphire Reserve

Chez Neelam earns the ultimate prize of $ 1 per 3 spent on reserve travel (after spending $ 300 travel credit) and food. Each point costs 1.5 cents when traveling with Chase. You can transfer points in the ratio of 1: 1 for airline and hotel partners including United, Southwest, British Airways and Hyatt.

Premium travel benefits include a $ 300 annual travel credit and priority pass lounge access. The annual fee is $ 550. Earning a 50,000 point sign-up bonus after spending $ 4,000 in the first 3 months gives you up to $ 750 in travel rewards.

Platinum card from American Express

American Express’s Platinum Card is a great option if you fly frequently. You earn a $ 1 per 5 membership award for most flight bookings.Many international airlines carry out 1: 1 point transfers, including Avianca LifeMiles, British Airways and Singapore Airlines. Delta Airlines is a domestic transfer partner.

Additional travel benefits include an annual $ 200 airline fee credit, multi-network airport lounge access and “Gold” Hilton Honors and Marriott Bonneville elite status. The annual fee is $ 550.


It is still possible to sign a global entry despite a shutdown related to coronaviruses. But you will need conditional acceptance and use enrollment on arrival with the return flight. Otherwise, enrollment centers will open by July 6, 2020 at the earliest.

questions to ask

TSA PreCheck or Global Entry?

Both TSA Precheck and Global Entry can help you qualify for airport screening. Global entry ($ 100 every 5 years) is a better option as you can go through the TSA precheck lines to enter the airport terminal. You can also go through an early security line if you rethink the United States to avoid delays in customs.

The TSA PreCheck ($ 85 every 5 years) allows you to enter early security lines for domestic flights and not for international travel to the United States. However, the TSA precheck application process is faster because the entire U.S. Has more enrollment centers.

It is possible to get TSA PreCheck or Global Entry for free with select credit cards.

How much does global entry cost?

The Global application fee for Entry is $ 100. Once US Customs and Border Protection approves your application, your membership is valid for up to 5 years. There is no annual membership fee, but you will pay $ 100 (or the current renewal fee) to renew your credit.

Many credit cards such as Chase Neelam Reserve and Capital One Venture reimburse application fees.Sign Up For Global Entry

Can you walk to a global entrance interview?

You cannot run a global entry interview at an enrollment center. Applicants should schedule an appointment. In some cases, you may have to wait for a few months at the busiest enrollment centers. Global admission enrollment center due to coronavirus epidemic Sign Up For Global Entry.


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