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5 Tips to Travel Nepal in Shoestring Budget

Whether you are going to challenge Langtang Tilman Pass Trek or a hard trek in the Everest region or just for a short trip to Nepal’s tourist destinations, every traveler thinks of the grand reduction in their bank totals. But this is not true when you get some Travel Nepal in Shoestring Budget.

Visiting Nepal’s tourist destination in the budget is not a difficult task when it comes to providing cheap accommodation and food. Although budget travel is not about cheap food and lodging, it is also about spending less money. So if you want a successful budget trip to Nepal worrying about your bank money, then we have some suggestions for you:

1) Learn to bargain

Bargaining is something that is sure to work on your journey. Whether you are going for street shopping or dealing with your accommodation, you have to negotiate to pay less. The first rule of bargaining is that you never sit at the initial rates mentioned. Nepali has great bargaining skills and should never be let go.

2) Find an affordable place to live and shop.

If you are traveling on a budget to Nepal, but want to shop for local cuisine and souvenir, always find a cheaper place. Most tourist places charge high rates, but you can get it at a cheaper price in the city or any other part of the city. Find the best place and save money.

This applies when you are trekking in the hilly part of Nepal. For example: When you go for a three trek to Everest, stay in a local homestay instead of locating expensive deluxe hotels.

Travel Nepal in Shoestring Budget

3) Stay away from main market

The main market area is always expensive and that road is crowded in Nepal. If you live in a less popular area instead of the main market, you can save some range. Make sure you have local transport facilities or rent a private vehicle to easily get around the city.

4) benefit the local

Locals can give you a lot more information about the place than any travel guide or guidebook. They are staying here and know the place properly. You can ask the locals about the price of hotels and food items and find out the best. Make friendships or just talk to them and save your money and also add to the unique experience of traveling.

5) Buy budget travel package

If you want to buy a Premier travel package, we suggest that you choose a budget travel package. There are many travel and tour packages that offer attractive budget travel packages for their customers. Find the best travel package, negotiate and find the best rate for your adventure.

If you want to travel to Nepal independently, we suggest you to hire a guide in Kathmandu which can be much cheaper than a budget travel package.

To secure your trip, book hotel and plane tickets in advance during the peak season.Travel Nepal in Shoestring Budget.


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