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5 Reasons to visit Barbados


Sometimes, all you need are the simple things like warm Caribbean waters, sunny blue skies and soft white sand beaches. It’s super easy to become a beach bum with these five things to do in Barbados.

Before I jump into those five things, we need to back up a bit. It was 3am on a Friday night in February 2014, one of the weekends leading up to Trinidad’s Carnival (March 3rd & 4th that year), when EVERY weekend there’s an EPIC fete. While generally a lot people were out at these epic parties, was I one of them? Nope, I was not. I wasn’t even happily asleep, I was working on one of my painful M.B.A. assignments. My days had become long hours at work, class, the gym when I could and then assignments. This was one of those life changing moments, I pondered, “What on earth am I doing with my life?” So I hit pause on the assignment and started goofing off on the internet. I wound up on Expedia checking out packages for other Caribbean destinations to get away over the Carnival weekend. I was pretty certain that I was going somewhere whether or not I had a travel buddy. Then I remembered my unofficial big sister lives in Barbados most of the time. I contacted her to find out if she’d be there for the long weekend. She first questioned me about why I was up at that hour in the morning and then confirmed that’d she’d be there. I luckily got a few days off from work on very short notice. A few days later, I hopped on a Caribbean Airlines flight to Barbados and left Trinidad’s Carnival behind. Now that you’re all caught up, here are the reasons to go to Barbados.

#1 Oistins Beach

The active fishing village of Oistins is Located on the southern side of the island in the parish of Christ Church. It’s most popular for the nightly Oistins fish fry; you can get your choice of fresh fish grilled or fried directly in front of you. The beach here consists of white sand and calm turquoise waters that scream, “Come in for a dip!” As an added bonus, Hawksbill turtles frequent these waters. You can hop over to the Oistins jetty where you can interact with the turtles by feeding them. Fish vendors at the market will gladly give you scraps to feed them, all you have to do is ask.

The first time that I went out onto the jetty, my friend and I tried to get the turtles to come to the jetty by feeding them bread. Much to our amazement, this didn’t work. Some fishermen coming in with the day’s catch enlightened us by explaining that we needed to get fish to attract them. We then walked back to the market where one of the friendly vendors gave us a near full bag of scraps. She insisted that we feed the many turtles out there and feed them well. We started throwing the bits in, it turns out turtles really do like fish. Who knew? That day we saw eight turtles of various sizes swimming in the crystal clear waters. Smile on face, turtles seen and fed, mission accomplished!

#2 Miami Beach

Also, located on the south coast of the island, Miami Beach is very near to Oistins. It is frequented by both the locals and tourists. It has clear and calm waters gently rolling up on its soft white sands. Umbrellas, beach chairs and water activities are available for rent and there’s also food and beverages available for purchase. Mangoes are an excellent beach snack; if they are in season you can get them at a nearby market. No need for a knife to cut them, just bite in ‘ole school’, pull the skin back with your teeth and you’re set. So grab a spot under a shady tree or an umbrella and spend the day relaxing as your cares drift away. Oh, turtles swim on this beach too, I’ve spotted them on more than one occasion.

#3 Adventure Beach

Spoiler Alert!  This is my most favoured spot. Adventure beach, Carlisle Bay is located just outside Bridgetown on the southwest coast of the island. Photos don’t do justice to this beach with its white sand, calm and pristine turquoise waters. My first visit here was back in 2014, I can only describe it as “love at first beach”. I was dropped off at the beach in the afternoon; I set up my beach mat, grabbed a beverage from the nearby bar and soaked up the atmosphere. This was actually my first solo beach experience and the first Bajan beach where I literally got my feet wet. The entire bay is frequented by both locals and tourists but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a quiet spot to yourself. Food, drinks, water activities and amenities are easily accessible on the beach as there are a few restaurants, beach clubs and hotels situated along the entire bay.

My pick, is The Boatyard, for BBD $50 (USD $25), you get BBD $40 applied towards purchases at the restaurant, the use of all facilities and all water activities including a short trip where you can snorkel and swim with the turtles. On my most recent trip to Barbados, I spent almost all day, every day at the Boatyard where I was always warmly greeted by the staff and manager José. It’s the perfect spot to chill, all you need to do is show up and The Boatyard does the rest.

#4 Bathsheba Beach

Bathsheba is in the parish of St. Joseph and lies along the east coast of the island. It is primarily a fishing village and offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. The huge boulders along the shore, aren’t actually boulders, they are ancient broken pieces of coral reef and a very attractive photo opportunity. One of these coral rocks has a park bench at the very top. If you decide to give it a go, I recommend wearing sturdy shoes and gloves. I didn’t make it very far up, I found it way too rough for my bare hands. The rough Atlantic waves make Bathsheba a very popular spot for surfers both international and local. This also means that swimming here is not recommended as there are rip tides and strong under tows. Luckily, nature does things well, in lieu of swimming there are some pools close to the shore that are carved out of coral reef. These pools are a great spot to chill out and enjoy the scenery. They are sometimes referred to as “Barbados’ answer to a hot tub”.

#5 Mullins beach

Another beach, big surprise right? Being beach bum involves a lot of chilling on a beach. Mullins beach is probably the most popular beach on the west coast in the parish of St. Peter. It’s an excellent spot just to laze around or unwind by taking a dip in the tranquility of the Caribbean Sea. If you’re in the mood, there’s water sports and snorkeling available. Personally, I’m not about the water sports. I much rather enjoy the gentle waves and the view whilst on the beach. I am however, about the beach bars and theirs has menu filled with local dishes and drinks. There’s also live entertainment like singers or steel pan on some evenings. Mullins beach makes it super easy to be a certified beach bum.

Bonus! All beaches are open to the public giving you even more incentive to hit these five spots. I’d love to hear from all you beach bums, please post your comments or connect via social media.


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57 thoughts on “5 Reasons to visit Barbados

  1. Wow… This place looks amazing! really magical… And the sea turtles?? wow!!
    Here, another place I would really like to visit. 🙂
    Thank you!
    I am from Israel. Have you ever visited Israel? We also have there some nice beaches, not like the ones you’ve described, but different and also nice. We have there the Mediterranian sea and the red sea. I really recommend you to visit! 🙂

    1. Hi Anna, thanks for your comment! I haven’t been to Israel yet, hopefully I can some time soon. I’ve been to your neigbours though, Egypt and Jordan! The red sea is very beautiful.

  2. I came across your site as I am doing some research into the best Caribbean Island to visit next year. You make Barbados sound like a dream with all of these fabulous beaches. Can you recommend anything else to do there? Something a bit more touristy for days when you are all beached out ?

    1. Hi Karen, Thanks for reading this post! Sure, I can recommend more. You can also check out the caves Harrison and Animal Flower cave (you can check my blog for this one). If you are into parties and carnivals, you can go to experience Cropover, Shopping, walk around downtown Bridgetown, there are several nature reserves and botanical gardens to check out , visit St. John’s parish church or if you’re a cricket fan you can catch a match!
      There’ll be another post with more activities on Barbados soon.

  3. Hello Savita,

    Thanks for the great read! Your amazing post and photos made me dream…. It’s nice to dream about warm, tropic destinations while it’s cold outside and winter period. And who knows…. maybe, Barbados would be my next Summer destination.

    Thanks again!

  4. Beautiful beaches. Great information for beach bums like me. May I know which is your top pick if you were to choose one of the many beaches?

  5. wow! A great post on Barbados.. thank you for sharing!

    The last time I was in Barbados was over 30 years ago and now reading your post I feel a trip to Barbados is most definitely on the cards in the very near future. I love the Caribbean! 🙂

    From reading your post I would like to spend time at Adventure Beach.

    I have bookmarked your site and will be visting frequently.. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Moni! Thanks for the follows! WOW! Thirty years ago! You definitely need to go back, I’m sure you’ll have a great time. Adventure beach is my favourite spot. Have you been anywhere else in the Caribbean?

  6. Every beach looks beyond gorgeous Savita. Save a trip to the Caribbean side of Costa Rica I have never been by the water or in that region. I need to see more of Barbados and the Caribbean in general for the stunning beauty the place has to offer. Cool Twitter feed too you have and a rocking blog 😉


  7. Barbados is on my travel list and your photos are amazing.

    We are always looking for great beach destinations and its hard to know which ones to pick. Thanks for sharing these tips and I can’t wait to see the turtles at Oistins Beach

  8. Barbados has always come up on my radio but for a month stint on the East Coast of the US, I have never ventured west of the UK. It’s always been Europe, the Middle East , Thailand, or southwards to South Africa.
    You have my interest re Barbados. Sand , sea and surf and my favourite meal , fish.
    I have one question though. Is Barbados safe from crime?

    1. Hi Roy! Barbados is one of the safest places you will ever visit! The waters are warm and so are the people! I’ve wandered around on my own some of the days, i’ve had North point all to myself, it’s very safe! exercise your usual vigilance, don’t walk into dark lonely areas alone at night, don’t leave valuables exposed and lying around and you will be perfectly fine!

  9. Wow, what a paradise! Thanks for the post Savita. Another destination on our bucket list. My wife and I loves to explore places, and beaches top the list. This is a definite must go and I love that you shared the best ones too. Super thanks for this =)

  10. Beautiful places to visit. I love beaches. I plan to visit Miami Beach sometime next year, I heard it is so gorgeous and the weather is so nice. I will probably visit other beaches you listed on your post. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Omg, I live in WA state and it’s so cold here. Barbados looks amazing and now I have 5 more reasons to want to go. Thanks for the warm post during the cold winter!

  12. Sure are a lot of beaches in Barbados.

    I think just like you Adventure Beach appeals to me, too. In terms of places to dine what are some other popular restaurants? I like all kinds of different food, but like to try different kinds of food, too.

    I’m currently in the process of planning a trip in August. Just trying to get all my ducks in a row.

    1. Hi Garen,

      There are 60 beaches, something for everyone 🙂 For local food and very casual dining, I’d recommend checking out the nightly Oistins fish fry. You’ll find a lot of fresh fish cooked in plain sight usually either grilled or fried. There’s also a lot of good restaurants around St. Lawerence Gap. I hope you enjoy the trip. You can also check out my other posts on Barbados if you are interested in the other activities on the island.


  13. It’s funny I was actually just texting someone I met from the Caribbean. I’ve never been and this article makes me want to venture there even more. Great descriptions and pictures btw!
    Happy holidays 🙂

  14. It’s so cold at my place right now. I can’t wait to visit these beaches. I love to travel and now I can tell my husband these five reasons to visit. Thank you for sharing. Loved the post.

  15. Wow what a wonderful place! Your photos taken were great. I will definitely share with my wife and friends. Thanks for sharing these tips! Cheers!

  16. Thank you so much for this delightful and informative article on 5 reasons to visit Barbados.

    I went to Barbados once as part of a Caribbean cruise I took a while back. We only were there for 24 hours so we kind of had to do an express tour of the island. I wish I’d know about these beaches because I definitely would have gone to one of them had I known, particularly, Oistins Beach where you fed the turtles. Did you manage to get close enough to touch one of the turtles?

    1. Hi Barb! Thanks for stopping by to read this 🙂
      Oh I can’t imagine being there for only 24hrs! You definitely need more time! I didn’t touch the turtles @ Oistins, but you can, you just need to go a little deeper into the water. I touched them on a snorkel trip from Adventure beach.
      I do envy people who do cruises, my motion sickness is awful, I’d never survive a cruise.


  17. You just got my senses going here! I also work very hard and need a vacation. I have never even heard of Barbados until today, but i’m ready to pack my go bag and hop on a flight now! HAHA, I love the beach and these look so appealing. In your opinion, which beach is the quietest?

    All the best,

    1. Hi Chris,
      You should definitely do it! Beaches like Bathsheba are the most quiet, but not great for bathing. I still recommend Carlisle Bay, it’s large enough that you can find a quiet spot along the stretch and is perfect for swimming and snorkelling.


  18. Thanks for sharing and the info on Barbados. A co-worker of mine suggests the area called (I think) Christ’s Church. Was that anywhere near those places?

    1. Hi Dave! Barbados is a tiny island. You can drive around the entire thing in maybe 4-5 hours (I think, never done it though). Christ Church is very close to Adventure beach, maybe a 15 min drive. The east coast beaches like Bathsheba are a bit further, maybe about 90mins driving. Christ church is a lovely area to stay!

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