5 most beautiful travel routes in Sri Lanka 6 incredible in depth

Sri Lanka attracts visitors by its wild beauty, as tourist attractions are all close to nature. To see the beauty of this place in full try the routes below.Sri Lanka trip planner: 6 incredible and in-depth routes. 5 most beautiful travel routes in Sri Lanka.

If you want to explore the historical sites, visit animal sanctuaries, or simply climb the scenic mountains, follow the suggested Sri Lanka itineraries below. Sri Lanka possesses many hidden beauty that you can only see when choosing the right roads.Top 5 itineraries in Sri Lanka Historical and cultural route

Route: Kandy – Polonnaruwa – Dambulla – Sigiriya – Anuradhapura – Anamaduwa

While traveling on this route in Sri Lanka, you will discover 5 of the 8 UNESCO cultural heritage recognized in this country.

Kandy was the last kingdom to fall into British hands in 1815. It was usually bustling during the day but surprisingly quiet in the evening. Kandy is famous for its dome-shaped Tooth Temple and Botanical Garden located on the campus of Peradeniya University.

In the dry plains about three hours north of Kandy is the source of Sri Lankan civilization with ancient, vast cities, artificial tanks, and ancient towers. You can explore the ancient ruins of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa by bike. Or visit the old fortress at Sigiriya, and watch Sigiriya’s giant lion feet extremely majestic.

Not to be outdone, the cave temples of Dambulla are also a destination you should not miss during the late Sri Lankan tour. At the end of the journey, you should choose to relax in an ecological zone in Anamaduwa, which is surrounded by rocky mountains, rice fields and lotus-covered lakes.Main Line railway

Roads: Colombo – Kandy – – Haputale – Ella – Demodera

The Main Line was built in the late 19th century to transport coffee, and then tea during the ‘Ceylon’ colonial period. It took more than 50 years to complete this railway. The road crosses the waterfall, climbs steep slopes and tunnels through 46 hills so visitors can admire the beautiful scenery here.


The train started in Colombo, a multi-ethnic capital of Sri Lanka and famous for its walking path, Pettah market and Colombo fortress. Then train from the Fort train station to the city of Kandy via Kadugannawa (with the national train museum), where the railway tilts nearly 430m in 20km. When visiting the town of Hatton, you will admire the tea gardens, lakes and forests.5 most beautiful travel routes in Sri Lanka.

In Pattipola, the track reached its highest point (1,898m) before it went down to Sir Thomas Lipton and Haputale. Next, you will be walking through the foggy forest, the old pine forest in Ella. The final destination is Badulla, before you will cross the Nine Arches bridge in Demodera, where the track makes a 360 degree loop before entering the station.Nature route

Routes: Kalpitiya – Wilpattu – Mannar – Jaffna – Trincomalee

This fascinating route is located in northern Sri Lanka. It is shaped by vibrant Hindu culture. Starting in Kalpitiya, an arid peninsula is famous for its carefully crafted kites. Wilpattu National Park, about 90 minutes’ drive away, is a large reserve for leopards, bears, crocodiles, turtles and birds.


Keep moving you will come to the Mannar pearl world. This is a fishing village, producing dried fish and is famous for its baobab trees, mosques, churches and Kovils and a ruined colonial fort. You can book a room at a rustic seaside Abode Hibernation homestay.

Jaffna has historic buildings, an old fortress and Karthacolomban famous for its delicious mango varieties.You can also visit Nallur Kovil and Point Pedro lighthouses (the northernmost point of Sri Lanka), Take a ferry to the Nagadipa temple on Nainativu and Delft islands, and enjoy the Casuarina crab.

Road: Udawalawe National Park – Yala National Park – Mirissa

Travel in Sri Lanka featuring sandy beaches and ancient cultural sites like Tomb Raider. However, the island is also very biodiversity with giant wildlife.

If you want to see some of the world’s largest terrestrial mammals, Udawalawe National Park is the perfect spot for you. It nourishes about 400 Asian elephants. Further to the west, Yala National Park is home to the largest wildlife in Sri Lanka with jaguars and sloth bears.

On the southern coast, Mirissa’s harbor is where you will see blue whales between November to April.Southern route

Route: Tangalle – Galle

The south coast is an interesting destination with a variety of plants and animals. Tangalle has a quieter space than Galle. It has beautiful beaches like ancient Rekava, Mavela and Kahandamodera.. Inland, you can visit the five-story stone temple Mulkirigala deep in the Dambulla cave. Galle owns a fortress dating back to the 17th century, a UNESCO world heritage site. This fortress is solidly built, surrounded by coral reefs.

Alternatively, you can visit Weligama to surf, Mirissa to catch fish, to Dalawella to watch turtles and Habaraduwa for evening walks. You should not ignore seafood dishes that look simple but their flavor is extremely fresh and attractive.


Sri Lanka trip planner: 6 incredible and in-depth routes

We stepped outside our hotel and the sky opened up. It was 4 pm, but we were determined to try our luck in Minneria National Park and witness ‘The Gathering’: the largest group of wild elephants in the world.

When the driver boarded his Mahindra Jeep, he smiled. “No Minarena”, he said in his broken English, “we go to Kaudulla”.

After being taken a little farther, we rode up and set off, through the rain to Kaudulla, Minaria’s youngest sister reserve. We were the last vehicles to enter and as we made our way through the dark forest, we passed a lot of jeeps, but very few wildlife came out of the other path.

Finally, we emerged into a large plain, and when the rain subsided, dark clouds billowed low in the sky. We pushed on, crossing more outgoing jeeps with pair occupants.

Route: Kandy – Polonnaruwa – Dambulla – Sigiriya – Anuradhapura – Anamaduwa

Roads: Colombo – Kandy – – Haputale – Ella – Demodera

Routes: Kalpitiya – Wilpattu – Mannar – Jaffna – Trincomalee

Road: Udawalawe National Park – Yala National Park – Mirissa

Route: Tangalle – Galle

travel routes in Sri Lanka 6 incredible and in-depth routes

Our driver began to relax, and at that time a dark brown shadow emerged on the horizon. More grasslands appeared and soon enough for us to sniff a piece of grassy clay with their trunks and turn it in their mouths. We were watching them after the animals were exposed.

Minaria and Kaudullah are connected by a wildlife corridor and the place where elephants are grouped depends on the day. Our driver admitted that we had been lucky, although our trips around Sri Lanka often resulted in serious, right-time, right-place events, such as watching dolphins while fishing and as we walked the mountain tea. Chale, a sari-clad woman weighs a huge bag of tea-tumbling plucker leaves.

While the diversity of Sri Lankan mountains, tea estates, coral-walled forts and pristine beaches dazzle, attractive people and the occasional wildlife firm leave impressions – like elephants in caudulla mud.Sri Lanka trip planner 6 incredible and in depth routes

Best for: Archeology, Culture and History
Duration: 10 to 14 days

Root: Kandy • Polonnaruwa • Dambulla • Sigiriya • Anuradhapura • Anamaduwa

why do it? Sri Lanka to tick five of the eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Kandy was the last state in British hands in 1815. Ghostly busy until the evening, it is popular on the leaf campus of the University of Peradeniya for its gilt-roofed tooth temple and botanical garden. Other places of interest are also worthy – from Tuk-Tuk are there are three-temple loops’ and visit Embekke, Lecatilake and Gadaladeniya to visit three intensely carved, historical vicissitudes (holy temples) on the outskirts of the city.6 incredible and in depth routes.

About three hours north of Kandy, in the dry-field plains, are the cradles of Sri Lankan civilization – the vast, ancient city with man-made tanks, graceful stupas and carved moons that partially excavate beneath the dusty forest. The ancient ruins of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa are extensive, and are best explored by bicycle (rent one from the entrances). For views of Sigiria’s giant lion claws, visit the former rocktop stronghold Sigiriya as soon as it opens to avoid the heat and coach party queues, or vice versa from the Pidurungala cliff. Not crossing, Dambulla’s cave temples glow in the late afternoon light.

Wind your trip to the Eco-Lodge at Anamaduwa surrounded by rocky outers, rice fields and lotus-scattered lakes. From here, visit the archaeological sites Yapahuwa and Dambadenia (both former capitals), the rock temple at Mulegama and then the 30 meter long rock inscription of Tonigala (the longest of its kind in Asia).5 most beautiful travel routes in Sri Lanka.


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