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5 Best Adventure Activities That You Must Try in Yelagiri

5 Best Adventure Activities That You Must Try in Yelagiri is one of the best tourist destinations in Tamil Nadu, which is known for its many holidays. Yelagiri is known for its lofty peaks, juicy verandahs and a soothing climate. It is a paradise for all the adrenaline enthusiasts who love adventure. Here are the 5 best activities that every thrill seekers should definitely try to do.


As a child, everyone wanted to fly. You can fulfill this desire of childhood by paragliding in Yelagiri. There are 7 places in India where you can do paragliding, and the picturesque Yelagiri is one of them. The spectacular view of the lush green landscape will definitely make your paragliding session more enjoyable.

If you are trying together for the first time, you can go paragliding with the instructor. It is definitely safe and you don’t have to worry about anything. If you are into adventure, you can take a certified course about paragliding at Yelagiri Adventure Sports Association.

There is no age limit for attempting paragliding in Yelagiri. Seeing the aesthetic clouds around you is a heavenly feeling. The entire session takes just 2 hours to complete. The best time to try paragliding is January to February and October to December.

Paragliding activity has recently been established to attract more tourists to Yelagiri. The sport is not limited to men only, but women can also try paragliding which will bring out the child in them. So, if you travel to Yelagiri, don’t forget to try this adventure game.

Rock climbing

Another adventure is attempted in Yelagiri, rock climbing. Yelagiri has another activity which has increased considerably in recent times. Being a hill station, Yelagiri has many options for rock climbing. There is no specific season to try rock climbing.

You can try it at any time of the year, which is possible for you. Rock climbing is not appropriate for people with heart disease or frailty. To try rock climbing you must have steel veins as it is quite daring.

Summer season is the best time for rock climbing. Do not try it during the monsoon season as it would be slippery to climb the rocks. Make sure that you follow all safety measures taught by the instructor so that there is safe climbing.


Yelagiri is situated at an altitude of 920 feet above sea level. It has many attractive trekking trails. It has routes that are suitable for both amateurs and professionals. You can find vegetation scattered on both sides of the trek paths. The famous trekking path you can take in Yelagiri is the scenic trek to Swamimalai at an altitude of 4,338 feet. Yelagiri has the highest peak which offers a spectacular view of the surrounding area. The total trekking distance is 6 km (from and fro). The starting point of the trek is a small village called Mangalam.

You can find rows and rows of beans and red grams in this small hamlet. Once you reach the tip top you will be mesmerized with a stunning view. Other trekking routes in Yelagiri are via Javadi and Palamathi Hills. You will need a permit from the Forest Department to trek through all these trails. It will take about 45 minutes to complete your trek.

The lush Yelagiri forest is home to many snakes, which you can find occasionally during your trek. Every year, people visiting Yelagiri come in large numbers to participate in the trekking camps organized here. I would definitely recommend trying trekking at least once in your lifetime.

Zip line

Every adventure has a favorite all-time fried, zip line. The best place to fulfill this wish is to try the zip line at Yelagiri. You can use a rope from one tree to another. Once you work on wearing your safety gear, you will descend from top to bottom at high speed.

The adrenaline rush kicks you out of the world as you descend from the top. You can see the beauty of Yelagiri at the last point. In addition, the breathtaking sight of the magnificent Canyon definitely gives you Gosbamp when downing the rope.

Both children and adults can be involved in Zip Line activities. But there are some weight restrictions to get through this game. Youngsters often come to Yelagiri to participate in the zip line.


Zorbing is a sport of rolling down an slope in an orb that is usually made of transparent plastic. Actually, there are two types of zorbing called land zorbing and water zorbing. Enjoy watching the world go upside down in a clear ball on a smooth slope by indulging in land zorbing. It is suitable for both children and adults with appropriate safety measures.

You can also try zorbing of water by rolling a stream. 1-3 people can be inside the room at a time. This is the best adventure activity for every adventure seekers out there. It is certainly difficult, but loads of fun are guaranteed.

If you are an avid adventure freak or want to try something unusual with tons,

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